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01/14/2015 CL&P Resumes Installing New Transmission Lines With Helicopter
12/16/2014 Greater Springfield Reliability Transmission Project Earns Third National Award
12/09/2014 CL&P Transmission Upgrade Completed in Stamford Ahead of Schedule
11/19/2014 CL&P Reminds Hunters to be Cautious Before Taking Aim Near Power Lines
09/29/2014 More Accolades for Northeast Utilities’ Greater Springfield Reliability Project
09/17/2014 Greater Springfield Reliability Project Named Best Energy Project in New England
08/06/2014 CL&P Installs New Transmission Line With Helicopter
06/25/2014 WMECo Upgrades Grid to Better Withstand Storms
04/22/2014 CL&P Celebrates Earth Day – Every Day
04/01/2014 CL&P Stamford Upgrade Project Gets Underway in the South End
03/03/2014 CL&P Kicks Off Initial Work on Interstate Reliability Project
02/07/2014 CL&P Uses Innovative Transmission Technology in Waterbury Area
11/25/2013 CL&P and WMECo Complete Greater Springfield Reliability Transmission Project
08/15/2013 Transmission Project to Bring Reliability, Jobs and Revenue to Waterbury Area
06/04/2013 CL&P Hosts Information Sessions in Eastern Connecticut
05/02/2013 WMECo Completing Enhancements to Owens Pond
04/29/2013 CL&P to Move Giant Electrical Equipment into Wallingford at Night
01/08/2013 Connecticut Regulators Approve Interstate Reliability Project
01/02/2013 Connecticut Light & Power Proposes Project to Strengthen the Region's Electric Transmission Grid
11/29/2012 CL&P Takes to the Air to String New Transmission Lines with Helicopter
11/15/2012 CL&P Reminds Hunters to be Cautious Near Power Lines
10/22/2012 CL&P Upgrades Transmission Lines in Manchester
09/26/2012 WMECo Moves Massive Autotransformer through Westfield
09/05/2012 Work Strengthens Transmission Network in Manchester
08/28/2012 CL&P to Move Large Equipment through Southbury at Night
08/15/2012 CL&P to String New Lines with Helicopter
07/30/2012 CL&P to String New Lines With Helicopter
07/25/2012 CL&P Conducts Helicopter Inspection of Transmission Lines
07/11/2012 WMECo Enhances Conservation Area in Amherst
05/17/2012 CL&P Investing $42.3 Million in Summer Preparations
05/03/2012 CL&P Continues Use of Imploding Connectors Technology
04/27/2012 CL&P to String New Lines with Helicopter
04/04/2012 CL&P Advises Hikers and Bicyclists of Work Near E. Granby Trails
12/23/2011 CL&P Submits 345-kV Transmission Upgrade Proposal to Regulators
12/14/2011 CL&P Uses Helicopter on Manchester Line Upgrade
12/01/2011 Media Advisory: CL&P to Host Public Open House
10/31/2011 Media Advisory: CL&P Postpones Open House Due to Storm
10/24/2011 Media Advisory: CL&P to Host Public Open House
09/26/2011 CL&P to Upgrade Lines in Manchester
09/16/2011 WMECo to Conduct Aerial Patrols of Rights of Way
09/13/2011 CL&P Hosts Construction Open Houses for Project to Strengthen the Region's Electric Transmission Grid
09/12/2011 CL&P Postpones Mansfield Public Open House
09/12/2011 Helicopter Used to Upgrade WMECo Lines
08/10/2011 Helicopter Used to Upgrade CL&P Lines
05/05/2011 WMECo Energizes New Transmission Upgrade from Agawam to West Springfield
12/17/2010 CTMEEC to Invest in CL&P Transmission Projects
12/08/2010 WMECo Starts Construction on the Greater Springfield Reliability Project
11/03/2010 WMECo Hosts Construction Open Houses in Greater Springfield Area
10/07/2010 CL&P Continues Work to Improve Reliability of Transmission Network
09/30/2010 Regulators Approve WMECo Transmission Upgrade for Greater Springfield Area Grid
09/24/2010 CL&P Continues Use of Innovative Transmission Technology in Manchester
09/15/2010 CL&P Breaks Ground on New Substation
09/14/2010 CL&P Replaces Wire over Route 9
08/10/2010 WMECo Breaks Ground on Transmission Upgrade from Agawam to West Springfield
07/15/2010 UI to Invest in CL&P Transmission Projects
06/11/2010 CL&P Hosts Information Sessions for Transmission System Upgrades
05/12/2010 CL&P Continues Use of Innovative Transmission Technology in Middletown
04/12/2010 Regulators Approve WMECo’s Upgrade from Agawam to W. Springfield
03/22/2010 Connecticut Light & Power Gets Approval to Strengthen the Region's Electric Transmission Grid
01/20/2010 CL&P Beacon to “Go Red for Women”
10/22/2009 Media Advisory: Hunters asked to take extra care near power lines
09/18/2009 Media Advisory: Northeast Utilities to host networking event for area businesses
08/05/2009 CL&P Brings Innovative Technology to Middletown to Strengthen Transmission Network
06/24/2009 Northeast Utilities Receives Edison Award, the Edison Electric Institute’s Highest Honor
03/24/2009 ConnDOT Chief Engineer Honored for Bridging Permitting Gap
12/19/2008 CL&P, UI Energize Middletown-Norwalk Project Ahead of Schedule
12/15/2008 Northeast Utilities and NSTAR Jointly Pursue Quebec Solutions to New England’s Energy Needs
12/04/2008 Northeast Utilities’ Southwest Connecticut Transmission Projects Win Platts Global Energy Award
11/14/2008 CL&P Energizes Glenbrook Cables Transmission Project
10/23/2008 Northeast Utilities announces leadership promotion in power transmission business
09/03/2008 CL&P Completes Construction of Overhead Portion of Middletown-Norwalk Transmission Project
08/25/2008 Connecticut Light & Power Unveils Detailed Plan to Strengthen the Region’s Electric Transmission Grid
07/30/2008 CL&P, LIPA Activate Replacement Cables in Long Island Sound
06/23/2008 Northeast Utilities Unveils Detailed Plans to Strengthen the Region's Electric Transmission Grid
04/25/2008 CL&P Conserves 74 Acres, Creates 2.5-Acre Wetland -- All Part of the Middletown-Norwalk Transmission Upgrade
01/21/2008 CL&P Conserves 74-Acre Woodland in Middletown
10/24/2007 CL&P’s Bethel-Norwalk Transmission Line Delivers Needed Power and Customer Savings
10/03/2007 CL&P Creates New Wetland in Milford Park
05/10/2007 CL&P to Use Helicopter to String New Transmission Lines in Meriden, Wallingford and Orange
04/26/2007 WMECO Brings New Technology to Southern New England Transmission Lines
04/26/2007 CL&P Brings New Technology to Southern New England to Strengthen Transmission Lines
03/21/2007 CL&P Uses New Technology to Repair Transmission Lines
01/22/2007 CL&P Brings New Technology to Southern New England to Strengthen Transmission Lines
01/05/2007 CL&P Energizes New Killingly Substation as Part of Strategy to Meet Regional Energy Needs
12/04/2006 Night Detours Planned for Norwalk Intersection
10/25/2006 CL&P Energizes New Bethel-to-Norwalk Transmission Line as Part of Strategy to Meet Regional Energy Needs
04/17/2006 Middletown/Norwalk Transmission Upgrade Breaks Ground
07/19/2005 Connecticut Electric Usage Sets All-Time High
05/27/2005 CL&P Reinforces Commitment to Work With Towns Along Middletown to Norwalk Transmission Route
04/07/2005 Connecticut Siting Council Approves Middletown to Norwalk Transmission Project
01/10/2005 NU Announces Leadership Appointments
12/28/2004 CL&P and UI File Projected Middletown/Norwalk Costs with Siting Council
12/20/2004 Final "ROC" Report Delivered to Siting Council
09/28/2004 CL&P, LIPA Agree on Replacement Timetable
02/12/2004 Advisory: Aerial Patrols to Inspect Transmission Lines Across State
10/09/2003 Middletown/Norwalk Upgrade Filed
07/14/2003 Council's "Configuration X" Decision to Strike Delicate Balance
05/01/2003 CL&P, UI Present Details of Transmission Solution
03/17/2003 Bethel to Norwalk 345-kV Compromise Solution Reached
02/25/2003 EPA Names Northeast Utilities 2002 Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program Champion
02/13/2003 Advisory: Aerial Patrols to Inspect Transmission Lines Across State
01/06/2003 Northeast Utilities Makes It A Happier New Year for U.S. Troops in Afghanistan
12/20/2002 Damaged Cables in Sound to be Repaired
11/26/2002 NU Withdraws Merchant DC Transmission Cable Application
11/19/2002 Power Line in the Sound Damaged in Storm
05/17/2002 Clarification on deadline for regulatory decision on transmission line
02/15/2002 Transmission cables will improve service;
06/28/2001 New Transmission Projects to Benefit 4.6 Million Customers Unveiled at NU's Annual Meeting
01/18/2001 NU Proposes Improvements To New England Transmission Grid
08/23/1999 NU Supports FERC Objectives; Envisions Model Promoting Customer Choice, Transmission Investment

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