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Stronger grid means increased reliability
NU projects win Platts Global Energy Award & EEI Edison Award
Environmental and charitable initiatives
More technical innovations

Stronger grid means increased reliability

Northeast Utilities (NU) is enhancing the reliability of the electric grid with a number of significant construction projects involving high-voltage transmission lines in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire. NU's electric transmission investment over the next five years is projected to be approximately $4.3 billion.

Learn more about NU Transmission's recent projects to strengthen the region's electric grid. These projects to improve the transmission system are designed to meet growing energy needs for many years while connecting our customers to clean, competitively priced power elsewhere in the region.

The power line upgrades provide benefits for all of us. When these projects are placed into service, the region will see improved reliability, increased capacity to transmission-constrained areas, reduced congestion costs and greater access to competitively priced generation. There will also be environmental benefits as a result of a decrease in air emissions due to the reduced operation of less-efficient power plants.

NU projects win Platts Global Energy Award & EEI Edison Award

To improve electric reliability and reduce costly congestion charges to customers in southwest Connecticut, NU successfully completed $1.6 billion in upgrades in 2008, spanning more than 109 miles of the electric grid serving the region. The southwest solution consists of four transmission projects: Bethel-Norwalk, Long Island Replacement Cable, Glenbrook Cables and Middletown-Norwalk.

Together, the four projects won a 2008 Platts Global Energy Award for "Energy Construction Project of the Year." NU also won the 2009 Edison Award from the Edison Electric Institute (EEI). The Edison Award, EEI's highest honor, recognizes U.S. and international electric companies for outstanding leadership, innovation and advancement of the electric industry. See a short video (548 kbps or 148 kbps, approx. 6 minutes) of the four southwest Connecticut transmission projects.

In addition, the Bethel-Norwalk project was honored by the Edison Electric Institute with its first-ever Edison Award Finalist Commendation in 2007 and by "Utility Automation & Engineering T&D Magazine" as its 2006 Project of the Year.

NU is very proud of this recognition. The selection of NU's transmission projects is a tribute to the teamwork of thousands of NU employees and contractors who have consistently performed safely and set standards for technical innovation, excellence and environmental stewardship.

Environmental and charitable initiatives

Building a safe, reliable transmission system which has a minimal impact on the environment is a key goal for the projects we propose. That means using the most advanced land and vegetation management practices along transmission rights-of-way.

Read more about NU's environmental stewardship practices.

To support our communities and make a positive difference in the lives of our customers, NU awards grants to qualified non-profits in our service area. The grants are awarded with a particular focus on the health and well-being of youth, and the advancement and promotion of clean energy and related technologies. Learn more about NU's Charitable Contributions.

More technical innovations -- see video of high-performance connectors

NU is a leader in using an innovative technology to replace critical connectors on more than 100 miles of transmission lines in Connecticut and western Massachusetts. Highly trained crews use this splicing technology to replace hundreds of connectors installed more than 40 years ago.

The efficient "imploding connector" technology allows projects to be completed more quickly. This cable connection process will provide better reliability of electric service to customers while reducing overall project costs and improving the performance of the transmission grid in New England.

Read more about high-performance connectors to strengthen transmission lines. (424KB)

See a short video of the imploding splice technology (548 kbps, 3 mins., 39 secs.).

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