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New England East-West Solution (NEEWS)

1990 Line Project

Stamford Reliability Cable

Seacoast Reliability

Merrimack Valley Reliability

Mystic to Woburn

Woburn to Wakefield

Greenwich Substation and Line Project

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Over the next five years, NU plans to invest approximately $4.3 billion in upgrades to modernize our electric transmission system and meet the region's growing energy needs. A stronger, more reliable electric grid will provide greater access to new, renewable power sources and will provide New England with the infrastructure that is critical to the region's economic health.

NEEWS Projects

The Greater Springfield Reliability Project, the Interstate Reliability Project and the Central Connecticut Reliability Project are three of four major projects that are part of the New England East-West Solution (NEEWS). Construction on the first project began in 2010. These projects, along with the Rhode Island Reliability Project, will strengthen the reliability of the power grid in New England, improving its efficiency and eliminating costly bottlenecks.

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